In March 2000, the Harambee Christian Center created the Jim Riley Courage Award acknowledging and honoring his commitment to community service.

It is through his vision to maximize charitable acts with a fearless spirit, that the Yes-U-Can Foundation was established as a tax-exempt organization energized solely by volunteers. There are no administrative salaries and all profits are utilized for the betterment of courageous young people.

Yes-U-Can is a multi-cultural organization founded to enhance the development of young adults who have demonstrated exceptional courage, drive, initiative and motivation. Our goal is to reward selected individuals with monetary grants to assist them in furthering their aspirations. To date, we have awarded over $170,000 to deserving individuals, which represents 85% of net proceeds. To make donations or join the Foundation as a volunteer, please call.

Executive Board:
Jim Riley (Founder/Chair)
Mark Evans (Vice Chair)
Michelle Clark-Riley (Secretary)
Helga Hahneiser (Treasurer)
Carl Moore (Historian)
Dolores Christian (Public Relations)
Alexia Vital-Moore (Volunteer Coordinator)
Carl E. Douglas Esq.

Coming Events:

16th Annual Golf Tournament:
Friday, August 19, 2016 @ Chester Washington Golf Course

For more info call 323.293.8087

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